Apple Pay Using HPP

Apple Pay Web helps users quickly and easily complete purchases on Apple Devices with the Safari browser, using cards stored in your Apple Wallet.

Remember that we also have this option on Apple Pay Using XML, in case you also need it.


Apple Pay is enabled on the Nuvei for TSYS Saratoga and Elavon Processors only, and only customers from the following countries can use Apple Pay to make a transaction:

  • - United States
  • - United Kingdom
  • - Canada
  • - Australia
  • - China
  • - Singapore
  • - Switzerland
  • - France
  • - Hong Kong
  • - Russia
  • - New Zealand
  • - Japan
  • - Ireland
  • - Guernsey
  • - Isle Of Man
  • - Jersey
  • - Taiwan
  • - Italy, San Marino, Vatican City
  • - Sweden
  • - Denmark
  • - Finland
  • - UAE
  • - Brazil
  • - Germany, Netherlands, Poland (Late 2018)


In this integration method you only need two steps:

  • Step 01: Contact out Support Team and ask for Apple Pay to be enabled for the desired terminals.
  • Step 02: Provide the Apple Store Name that you want to appear to customers when they tap “Pay with ApplePay” at a HPP.

After those settings are in place, all your users will see the “Pay with ApplePay” button option when using a HPP, and once they click it, Nuvei is going to take care of the rest.


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