API Specification

Welcome to the API Specification. Here you will find all necessary information to help you understand your integration to our Payment gateway.

Things You Should Know First

This section helps you to understand the elements for your solution's integration such as which integration method to use, how to configure your account to perform each integration, how to use the custom fields, how to calculate the hash parameters of requests and responses, etc.

The Hosted Page Integration Method

The Hosted Page (HP) is an integration method where the entry of some sensitive data is handled by the Payment Gateway so the merchant’s servers are not exposed to this data. This is advisable so as to reduce the security overhead of the integrated solution. For this scenario, Nuvei becomes the responsible party for maintaining the security and integrity of the sensitive data sent to these pages.

These Hosted Pages are also highly stylized so that they look more appealing to the customers and improves their overall experience. For more details on that consult Pay Pages.

Cardholders are redirected to a page at the Payment Gateway. Upon the customer clicking the ‘submit’ button on that page, all data are collected, processed and the Payment Gateway sends the processing result back to the Merchant's site, also redirecting the Account Holder to the Merchant's result page, in a transparent way.

The following features are available for this integration method:

The XML Integration Method

Other Information

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